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    Cottage quake absorber

    ACD Series

    Product introduction

    Cottage quake absorber
    • Compared with the existing quake-resistance method, the ACD series absorbs and mitigates the shaking caused by 1/3 of the earthquake events. (This is because the oil shock absorber absorbs the shock and increases the safety of the house.)

    • The superior attenuation effect and continuous quake-resistance effect of the ACD series are applicable to all wooden buildings (corresponding to the traditional three-story wooden shaft construction method and also for insulated buildings). This is not only for the occurrence of major earthquakes, but also for subsequent earthquakes.
    • ACD series can work effectively: SMALL, SMART, LOWCOST! (Small size and light weight, compared to other methods, and it only needs low cost to be converted into a shock-resistance house)
    • High durability, no maintenance required (long durability, almost continuous effect, no need for maintenance after construction).


    Model ACD3831
    Temperature used
    Maximum loading
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    ※ For shell specifications, please contact us for further details.