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  • Product Details

    Pilot check valve air pressure check valve

    PC Series

    Product introduction

    PC Series

    This device is designed to assist the restriction of PC series’ pressure, and the ensure the safety circuit prevention as well as self-driven situation from happening after the stop of cylinder. The positioning of the sudden stop of cylinder is highly accurate. Special circuit design applications are developed for the PC series.

    • Materials

      Body frame: JIS C3604 nickel plating treatment enhances rust resistance

      Body sleeve: aluminum alloy plus anodized primary color

    • Pressure range
    • Temperature eange
    • Frequency
    • Specific demands
      CJAC is able to customize solutions based on your requirements.
    Model PC02 PC03(PC04L) PC04
    Pressure range
    0.5~9.5 0.5~9.5 0.5~9.5
    Temperature used
    -10~+70°C -10~+70°C -10~+70°C
    Effective cross-sectional area
    24 79 79
    Operation frequency
    60 40 40
    100 340 340
    Suggested cylinder 50 and below (50 included) 100~125 63~80
    Corresponding illustration 1 2 3

    ※ For shell specifications, please contact us for further details.