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  • Product Details

    Shock absorber (Automatic compensation model)

    AC-R Series

    Product introduction

    AC-R Series

    The design of the AC-R series can effectively resist the splitting force when the object rotates, so it can effectively improve the angle of impact angle. This design can prolong the machine lifespan. Because the impacts caused by the angle of reaming, piston rod bending and other undesirable phenomena can be avoided, and can increase product trial range and durability.

    • Material

      Outer pipe: Stainless SUS303 ensures rust resistance

      Piston rod: Stainless steel 3Cr13 and special seal component together ensure longer lifespan

      Piston: We adopt materials with excellent wear resistance to ensure long-lasting and stable cushioning

    • Speed range
    • Temperature range
    • Installation
      CJAC offers customers a variety of mounting options such as nut (NUT) and positioning stop nut (SC). In addition, customers can also customize services according to their own requirements.
    • Special demands
      CJAC is able to customize solutions based on your requirements.


    Model AC1412-R-17C AC1412-R AC1210-R
    12 12 10
    Maximum absorbed energy
    20 20 12
    Absorbed energy per hour
    24,000 33,000 22,500
    Maximum effective weight
    70 40 22
    Highest impact speed
    0.3-1 0.3-5.0 0.3-4.0
    Working temperature -10~+80 -10~+80 -10~+80
    78g 86g 47g
    Corresponding illustration 1 2 3

    ※ For shell specifications, please contact us for further details.