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  • Product Details

    Shock absorber (Adjustable damper)

    KD Series

    Product introduction

    KD Series

    The KD series is a hydraulic shock absorber for robots that absorbs vibration and noise generated by high-speed motion and converts kinetic energy into heat and releases it into the air. Therefore, the object can be stopped smoothly and effectively in each movement. In the past, many manufacturers used PU rubber, springs, and other materials as the buffers to save costs, but these materials often caused poor results, and the noise issues remained unsolved, while the efficiency issue could not be improved yet. Eventually mechanical equipment was prematurely damaged. Please choose KC series to effectively deal with the buffer issue. The KC series can effectively solve the drawbacks caused by poor buffering, improve mechanical efficiency, increase production capacity, and protect the life of the machine.

    • Temperature range
    • Speed range


    Model KD2540 KD3650
    40 50
    Maximum absorbed energy
    100 300
    Absorbed energy per hour
    80,000 100,000
    Maximum effective weight
    700 1,400
    Highest impact speed
    3.5 3.0
    Thread M25x1.5 M36x1.5
    221.5 247
    144.5 154
    8 10
    117 134
    Corresponding illustration 1 1

    ※ For shell specifications, please contact us for further details.